Blue Laguna, Inc.

About Us

Bluelaguna, Inc was established in 2003 as a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Consultant Company, that focuses on Oil & Gas and Subsea Telecommunications Industry.

Bluelaguna has been in the subsea market for over 27 years, starting with Perry Slingsby Systems. Since we have gained experience, knowledge and expertise on subsea installations, operations and ROV equipment. Bluelaguna can provide its clients with firsthand knowledge on how to maintain and service the clients ROV systems, by provide manufacturing, engineering, testing and integration of ROV systems with its in depth knowledge.

Our services include offshore operations and training of ROV personnel. We provide ROV operations and Support for client using the Perry Work Class ROV systems. We also offer support for several other ROV manufactures like Schilling Robotics, SMD and Sub Atlantic.

Bluelaguna provides critical spare parts for Perry Slingsby ROV’s and many other ROV systems around the world.  With years of experience and knowledge of the Perry parts, Bluelaguna can offer its client quick solution to their problems, we can source out parts much quicker and can provide clients with better pricing on their spares.

Bluelaguna Remote Systems is a manufacturer of long endurance, custom remote aircraft systems with 25 years of experience in both air and sea applications around the globe. By utilizing advanced airframe design and the latest technology in aircraft propulsion, our aircraft are able to achieve flight durations that substantially lead their class.

Bluelaguna Remote Systems aircraft and contract services are perfectly suited to applications in aircraft sales, industry inspection, agriculture crop monitoring, 3D mapping, surveillance and surveying. From project inception through completion, we will partner with you to provide a completely customized, turnkey remote systems solution that maximizes your capabilities.

Bluelaguna Services:

  • Aircraft Sales
  • Industry Inspection
  • Agriculture Crop Monitoring
  • 3D Mapping
  • Surveillance
  • Surveying

It is the policy of Bluelaguna, Inc to provide excellent service and to exceed the level of expectation required by its clients. We offer the best possible service available on the market.