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Bluelaguna – Aerial Drone Services is focused on offering quality products, competitive prices and great service by utilizing advanced airframe design and latest technology in aircraft propulsion, our aircrafts can achieve flight durations that substantially lead the way. We have made it our mission to continue offering the higher levels of service and support. ​

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The Digital Indago™ LE vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone easily fits into a trunk and deploys in minutes to provide an aerial perspective of confined, crowded, or otherwise un-accessible areas. A key instrument for assessing volatile or potentially dangerous situations, enhancing responder safety, the Indago LE drone is also ideal for scouting missions to capture imagery and developing training models.



  • Provides on-demand aerial reconnaissance during search and rescue activities
  • Captures visual records for pre-mission planning and post-mission assessment
  • Helps protect professionals by acquiring event imagery
  • Integrates with Sentera OnTop™ to organize, store, view and share data with a team


The Indago™ LE is a highly versatile drone which accepts multiple sensors, ensuring every mission is equipped to capture precise data. Compatible sensors include Lockheed Martin’s Duo+ and Ion 30x, and Sentara’s QX-10, Double, Quad and Single Sensors. 

Matrix M-4 VTOL

  • Open platform to suit multiple sensors and cameras
  • Composition – Reinforced Carbon Fiber
  • Compact – Case smaller than checked airline bag
  • Vertical takeoff and landing
  • Long-range communications and control
  • High wind tolerance
  • Up to 40 minute flight time