Blue Laguna, Inc.


One of Bluelaguna concepts is technical ROV training for our clients. We have over 27 years of experience in management, manufacturing, systems integration, offshore operations, and field service support. The demand for those with training in the ROV field has never been greater. Untrained personnel can lead to Vessel and ROV system downtime, which causes the operators lose millions of dollars, because it takes an untrained person longer to resolve a problem. Highly trained and competent ROV crew members are more likely to resolve the problem much quicker.

Industry sectors

Many of our courses are applicable within a variety of energy sectors. We also can offer services to the nuclear industry, focusing on decommissioning using Remote Technology. In addition to this our services can also be used in the renewable energy sector such as offshore wind farms.

Training Courses

Our courses include introductory training for personnel wishing to embark on a career in the offshore industry. We also offer specialist safety and technical courses for personnel working in the ROV industry and wanting to enhance their existing skills within the competence framework.

What is Training and Development

Training is an educational process. Where people can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce existing knowledge and skills. Most importantly they have time to think and consider what new options can help them improve their effectiveness at work.

Why is Training Important

There are intrinsic benefits associated with having well-educated and highly trained employees. Assuming that your employees are pursuing training that is related to their job, your industry, or general professional development, the company will better off as a result of their advanced studies. Educated employees are likely to bring new ideas and increase creativity into the workplace, which can have a positive impact on many different aspects of your business.

Failing to Train = Trained to Fail

Benefits of Training

To the Employee

  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Staff Realize Their Potential
  • Raises Moral
  • Aids in Safety and Awareness

 To the Employer

  • Raises Standards of Performance
  • Reduces Wastage
  • Reduces Customer Complaints
  • Reduces Rate of Staff Turnover

To the Business

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Less Staff Turnover
  • Increase profit

The Service Profit Chain

Managers are all too often aware of the training that is required to help their personnel meet the above criteria but the problem occurs in getting the message across.

Training benefits everyone; Employees, employers, the business, and the customer.

Training is a motivational tool, when the personnel realize, their standards are higher than others, it fosters professional pride. They will be more satisfied with their work, content in their employment, and less likely to leave. Some employees may be motivated by the opportunity of job advancement and seek additional training opportunities.

Every job constitutes a number of tasks, and each employee requires certain basic knowledge and skills to perform those tasks effectively. Training is essential for employees to do their jobs properly in the shortest possible time.

Untrained personnel will make mistakes, some may be costly in terms of Vessel & ROV downtime or even worse customer dissatisfaction.

Customers will be impressed by personnel professionalism, the ambience that it brings to the unit, and resultant increase in profits.

Employers to whom personnel training is an essential part of their strategy will gain enhanced employer status and find it easier to obtain and retain their people.